AA Bakery and distributors is a business that was formed in 1996 by its current management and shareholders for the purpose of trading in baked products, specialising in bread.

Since its inception AA Bakery has focused its efforts on providing a product offering to its consumers who are looking for products that offer value for money, whilst also having expectations of good product quality.


We focus on delivering quality in a competitive market and provide quality products in an environment that is safe, clean, hygenic, and friendly to its community and our employees. We always continue to improve products and services to ensure the success and satisfaction of our consumers.


AA Bakery believes that honesty, hard work, and innovation will ensure success in the future, making it the best independent supplier of baked products.

AA Bakery acknowledges and pays tribute to Akaash, one of the founding members of AA Bakery, who worked tirelessly to maintain the highest level of standards that have become ingrained in the company’s ethos.

May his legacy live on and may he rest in peace.